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4 June
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Well, I'm just a 19 year old grammar freak with a particular taste in music, film and books. I enjoy being stupid, silly, emo, dorky and certainly geeky. My qualms with life are that I never feel like I'm living in the moment and illiteracy. I completely love my family and shall be expecting a new niece (my only one so far) in November. It would almost be a shame to do this without going through the basics of favourites. Here is a small lists of some of them, but if you're anywhere near a friend of mine -- you should know these already.

Colour: Blue
Food: Anything really, sans mustard
Types of Music: Anything really. I'm completely taken away with European metal right now (example: Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Rammstein, etc.)
Actor: Johnny Depp, my future husband/sugar daddy
Expression: "I'm alright with that" and "It happens."

So other than my insatiable craving for Dashboard Confessional and other emo bands of that style, I'm just your average Mexican-Irish, 5'6" tall , Gemini looking for someone to help me find the other half I seem to be missing. But I'm in no rush, since right now having that other person is a little bit more of an inconvience because I'm fluctuating between coasts. Until I get settled, my dreams and tattoos shall have to suffice. Oh yes, I have an unusual, most likely unhealthy obsession with The Phantom of the Opera, Harry Potter and Johnny Depp. And I'm currently obsessed with "The Spill Canvas". They're awesome check them out.

Bud Light is College Love to the Max
2gether, a static lullaby, alkaline trio, anything 80s, armor for sleep, atryeu, azure ray, bach, beethoven, big blue monkey, blink 182, boxcar racer, boy sets fire, boys night out, brand new, bright eyes, burns out bright, chevelle, coheed and cambria, count the stars, cursive, dashboard confessional, drawn in the sky, dry kill logic, faith hill, fall out boy, fear factory, finch, flogging molly, from autumn to ashes, further seems forever, get up kids, greenday, hawthorne heights, hidden in plainview, him, incubus, iron and wine, journey, keane, killwhitneydead, linkin park, lords of acid, maroon 5, matchbox romance, michelle branch, millencolin, my chemical romance, nightwish, nirvana, norma jean, oasis, onelinedrawing, plain of ashes, plain white t's, planes mistaken for stars, poison, portishead, punchline, rammstein, rascal flatts, ready set fail, red animal war, richard cheese, s.t.u.n, saves the day, sense fail, senses fail, simple plan, single frame, sky came falling, slipknot, something corporate, sonata arctica, staring line, stephen lynch, story of the year, sublime, sugarcult, sunny day real estate, taking back sunday, taproot, tchaikovsky, tenacious d, the all american rejects, the anniversary, the beatles, the beautiful mistake, the cure, the early november, the exies, the eyeliners, the get up kids, the k.g.b, the postal service, the smiths, the spill canvas, the starting line, the used, the vandals, the yeah yeah yeahs, these arms are snakes, this day and age, thrice, thursday, tim mcgraw, todays not tomorrow, truth in fiction, vendetta red, whitesnake, wide of the mark, yellowcard, zao,