♪ a line in a song ♪ (starry_eyed_emo) wrote,
♪ a line in a song ♪

i'm allergic to my house. or something. i haven't been able to stop sneezing since i got here. but oh well. last night i was given the great pleasure of seeing my absolute two best friends in the entire world. and after about a mandatory 15 min recap of the last 4 months, it was as if i had never left. i missed them so :[ i was playing with my little niece, and my sister apparently taught her to stick out her tounge at people. it was so adorable. i don't know she's so ... perfect. i love just having her lay on my chest and watching her sleep. it's so calming. she reminds me of everything good in this world.... i feel at a sense of belonging when i'm at home that i don't get at school. it's strange, i left so many loose ends at school, but when i'm at home, there's a sense of completion that i don't usually have. maybe it's because here i'm not the center of everyone's drama or it's that i don't have to care about anything or anyone but me. it's weird and i don't know what it is, but i don't want to know.

it's raining and it reminds me of you. then again, everything reminds me of you.
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